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Old Town

54 h x 60 w

DESCRIPTION: oil on linen, wall-hanging. framed

STATEMENT: My paintings are sourced from photographs that act as a catalyst for open narratives. How someone sees an image is based on their assumptions, preferences, and prejudices. I find that what the viewer brings to the work is often more interesting than what I had in mind. I use figuration as a way to examine the human condition and create scenes out of gesture, body language, and atmosphere. The paintings are commentary as well as metaphors, and they are unabashedly decorative and colorful. They are abstract and representational. My aim is to create images about the human experience and the complexities therein. I find that my work is best viewed through a psychological lens that illuminates memory, personal experience, and ones relationships to others and the world around them.

Courtesy of Childs Gallery.
Overall Dimensions
Height: 54.00
Width: 60.00

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