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E. SPATZ-RABINOWITZ, MFA 74, Faculty- Sunset, Pyramiden

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Sunset, Pyramiden

24 h x 36 w

DESCRIPTION: oil on pigmented cast Hydrocal plaster and oil on archival photo emulsion mounted on panel, framed

ARTIST STATEMENT: In 2013 I traveled with The Arctic Circle expeditionary residency program to the North Pole and returned with over 2,000 digital photographs. Since then I have sought various strategies to I turn my photographs into haptic objects that breathe and speak through abraded, pigmented surfaces, while selectively and simultaneously retaining detailed photographic information. Cate McQuaid says (Boston Globe 5/18/17): "It's often hard to discern what's photograph and what's pigment in revelatory plaster pieces such as "Starved Glacier." We associate surface texture with painting, not photography, but here the plaster cracks in streaming verticals, and it's as if reality is shuddering and breaking apart. The sky, roiling with clouds, decays. The gray-blue water holds a chilly light, but the seams in the plaster above look like heat rising. Ominous black outcroppings, presumably once clad in ice, loom over the scene. "Climate change is an ideal theme for Spatz-Rabinowitz's aesthetic of disintegration. Parts of the world are caving in. Her works don't merely picture that. They embody it."
Overall Dimensions
Height: 24.00
Width: 36.00
Depth: 0.00
Weight: 0.00

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