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ILARIA ORTENSI, MFA 10 - Untitled 02 from CMY

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Untitled 02 from CMY

30 h x 40 w

DESCRIPTION: archival pigment print, unframed

STATEMENT: Combining multiple exposures with lights that correspond to the three additive colors used in printing - Cyan, Magenta and Yellow - the series CMY reveal images where light merges with impermanent sculptural arrangements. The specificity of each exposure blends with the other to create a final and hybrid image that resemble the appearance of architectural sketches or drawings. While broadly referring to existing constructions, the images of CMY show architectural forms that have been composed directly on the film and that therefore could be viewed as luminous architecture.

I often work in series creating bodies of work that highlights certain interests such as architecture, space, and scale. I like to investigate the way in which spaces are constructed and how the environment shapes the times we inhabit - influencing our identities, senses, and emotions. In most of my work, I employ photography which allows me to easily incorporate repetition in the art process. The recurrence of similar images or motifs is a strategy that I use to visually think about a subject. In the multiplication of similar images, I find a way to discover those differences that help me to better understand the object that I'm observing or creating. This approach could also extend to other media such as sculpture, video, drawing and installation. In particular, I like to merge sculpture with photography to visually dismantle existing architectures or sites and re-organize them according to a personal order, offering alternative images that viewers are encouraged to question.
Overall Dimensions
Height: 30.00
Width: 40.00

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