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36 h x 36 w x 1.5 l

DESCRIPTION: mixed media on canvas

STATEMENT: This work uses textiles--maritime rope, yarn, wool, thread, twine--which I push through the surface, loop and sew into compositions, and stitch into the canvas to formally connect to other elements in the painting. Using textiles gives a tactile immediacy to the painting surface which I love. I approach the textiles as both symbolic and compositional elements. Symbolic, as I exploit the resonances of rope and thread-connectivity and bonds, the stringiness of the human body, an arc of longing/desire--while also examining the relation of inner and outer in the paintings. Formally, the textiles work at a few different levels. As a lover of line, ropes and threads hang and loop as lines and extensions of line. A sort of grammar emerges in the way I hang, loop, bind, stitch and tuft the textiles to the canvas itself, and to other textiles in the painting. There is the overall gestalt, but I hope the gaze is also drawn to small topographies where the elements are densely wound together, stitched or looped to physically support other elements in the painting, as they also combine with the painted surface.. Finally, I like the way using textiles helps expand the parameters of both painterly composition and the 2-d painting surface in ways that make the paintings more sculptural and kinetic.
Overall Dimensions
Height: 36.00
Width: 36.00
Depth: 1.50
Weight: 0.00

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