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KATA HULL, faculty - In The Crosshairs

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KATA HULL, faculty
In The Crosshairs

22 h x 30 w

DESCRIPTION: oil and mixed media on paper mounted on wood

STATEMENT: It's 2020 and political divisiveness has become the national norm. Public discourse is so polarized over issues of climate change, racial conflict, gun violence, immigration, civil and voting rights that a friendly conversation can turn rancorous in a flash. It feels like we're taking one step forward, two steps back. Our personal histories influence how we see the world. It's easy to make assumptions about others and jump to conclusions. Setting aside our own prejudices to really hear someone else's story seems essential to seeing the bigger picture. But that's easier said than done. What we pay attention to matters. I am continually reminded that, like it or not, we are all in this together. Everything is related, often in ways we cannot see.
Overall Dimensions
Height: 22.00
Width: 30.00
Depth: 0.00
Weight: 0.00

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