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LIOR NEIGER, MFA 05 - "Half a Person" and "Listen" (Diptych)

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"Half a Person" and "Listen" (Diptych)

18 h x 27.5 w

DESCRIPTION: The two paintings "Half a Person" and "Listen" create a diptych of two famous statues in Boston - "Appeal to the Great Spirit" and the statue of Paul Revere. The same artist, Cyrus Dallin, made these two equestrian sculptures but they tell and project two very different stories. In one a Native American stretches his arms downward in passivity and acceptance. In the other, the man seated on a horse (Paul Revere) is seen in motion; his arm stretches downward to balance himself while riding. Although I don't believe Dallin tried to portray the Native American in a way that might be perceived as a surrendering posture, it is hard to escape it, especially when it is juxtaposed with the painting of the Paul Revere statue. The diptych is a call to look at the striking differences, but also offers a new connection, as the balancing hand and the praying hand are reaching into one another. (Each painting is 18x11")

ABOUT THE ARTIST: In Lior's new body of work, he finds complexity in seemingly simple objects, architecture, statues, monuments, the American flag and more. He is interested to create connections (historical, political and personal) that are in plain view, but many times overlooked.
Overall Dimensions
Height: 18.00
Width: 27.50
Depth: 0.00
Weight: 0.00

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