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Wed, Oct 13, 2021 01:45PM EDT - Sun, Nov 7, 2021 11:55PM EST
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Roberta Hall, Diploma '05, Pace The Rage -001

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Roberta Hall, Diploma '05 Pace The Rage -001

40h x 30w x 1.5d

DESCRIPTION: Paintings, Unframed, Acrylic, Flashe, Paint Pen on Canvas

ARTIST STATEMENT: These environments grasp at form, the fictionalized emblems and environments. With which we label and mark what can only be imperfectly captured and comprehended: the transitory phases of life, of necessity constructed from imaginative models. The unidentifiable but often playfully suggestive symbols and figures of these images lie suspended in a dream-like haze, emerging and dispersing without any definite point of origin or clear narrative. As the title implies - a more sinister subtext exist.

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