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Mon, Nov 9, 2020 09:00AM EST - Mon, Nov 23, 2020 08:00PM EST
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SETH MINKIN, MFA 96 - Volcano

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40 h x 30 w

DESCRIPTION: oil on canvas, framed, painting intensity and colors change based on ambient temperature and light exposure.
Extreme events in nature, like tornadoes or hurricanes, while often devastating, can also be beautiful, mesmerizing, and exhilarating. This composition evokes and captures the height of an eruption; a magical symphony of geological occurrences who's seemingly destructive nature is actually regenerative. When living organisms pass, for example, they often fertilize or nourish the next generation. When we see the glow of lava against the night's sky, we recognize fire as aesthetically extraordinary; a thing that possesses an awesome power not only to consume, but also to heal or renew.

ARTIST STATEMENT: I have been making art and collaborating with other creative makers for over 25 years. For me, my work is as much about the act of painting itself as it is about the objects I embrace. While my technique has become more refined over the years, my approach has always been the same. I look for what is special in everyday objects, people, animals, etc., and build on that, exaggerating and accentuating features that appeal to me, with an almost baroque sensibility, to create truly stunning pieces that have integrity and that my clients enjoy living with every day.
Overall Dimensions
Height: 40.00
Width: 30.00
Depth: 0.00
Weight: 0.00

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